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Chiropractor Christopher Bennett D.C.

Dr. Chris Bennett's chiropractic journey started when he moved to Marietta, GA in 2005 with his wife Hayley and daughter Alana, to finish his Bachelor of Biology degree. After receiving his bachelor’s degree with high honors, he applied to chiropractic school and was accepted.

Dr. Bennett attended Life University in sunny Marietta and studied chiropractic as a discipline. While in school, he became very ill, which led to his interest into brain stem function and upper cervical chiropractic. After his battle with his illness, he became very dedicated to learning upper cervical chiropractic and put in three more years of additional study in that area.

Dr. Bennett studied upper cervical chiropractic with Dr. Robert Kessinger of the KCUCS organization, and still continues to study and gain more knowledge about this very special area.

Dr. Bennett has served in a health care mission trip where he tirelessly served the people of the Dominican Republic and saw many miracles take place.

Today, Dr. Bennett lives and practices in the Lake Orion, MI area where he can be back near family and friends. He has since added to his family with another daughter, Aubree, and a son, Alex.


Chiropractic Lake Orion MI Jamie


Chiropractic Lake Orion MI DarlenePart of my DNA is to help people. I so enjoy doing just that at Orion Family Spinal Center... and as an office, it’s our mission here! I love working with people who truly care and are making a difference in others’ lives. Dr. Bennett and Jamie are amazing!

I’m a mother of 3, grandmother of 6, and have 10 siblings.


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